Our Committees
At PS 118, family involvement is crucial to the success of our school. Donating your time and expertise is just as valuable as donating to the auction or purchasing a muffin at one of our bake sales. We have so many committees—the Garden Committee! The Social Committee! The Fundraising Committee! and more—and they all need volunteers.

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Green & Healthy/Wellness
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Lunch Volunteers Needed
Every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch our children are provided with a fresh and healthy salad bar, but it won’t get served to our children unless we have a parent volunteer. Lunch duties include: Assisting with opening containers; reminding children to stay in their seats, monitoring safe behavior, helping kids with clean-up; providing general support to the education assistants and following their directives. Salad Bar duties: Arrive 5 minutes before lunch starts to get proper attire. Salad bar will be already set up when you arrive. Serve students their choice of fresh vegetables directly onto their trays. Help keep the line moving. Afterwards, collect trays. We will try to keep parents with their child’s class but would appreciate flexibility if your help is needed elsewhere.

Pre-K Lunch/Recess Monitor
10:50am – 12:10pm Enter at 8th St, sign in and go to pre-K classroom.

K-4th Grade Lunch Monitor
11:45am – 12:45pm Enter at 8th St, sign in and go to cafeteria.